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Scenic Aerial Photography

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We have current, beautiful aerial photos of EVERY harbor on ALL of the Great Lakes!   If you are familiar with Lakeland Boating's Ports O' Call books, we supply them with their aerials.

Our negatives and digital images are razor sharp and enlarge all the way to 30x40 size with beautiful clarity.  Please don't judge the quality of our images by the low resolution copies necessary for this website.

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Mackinac Island aerial photo
Mackinac Island

Grand Isle Marina
Grand Isle Marina
Grand Haven, MI
McKinley Marina, Milwaukee, WI
McKinley Marina
Milwaukee, WI


We have aerial photos of all the Chicago marinas as well as most of the other marinas anywhere on Lake Michigan.  The chances are good that if you keep a boat anywhere on any of the Great Lakes, we have an aerial photo with your boat in the picture!
Great Lakes Marina, Muskegon, MI
Great Lakes Marina, Muskegon, MI
Diversey Harbor, Chicago, IL
Diversey Harbor
Chicago, IL

Split Rock Lighthouse
Split Rock Lighthouse


With our extensive aerial photography of the Great Lakes, we have accumulated numerous gorgeous views of lighthouses. We have aerial photos of all the Lake Michigan & Lake Superior lights & many on the other Great Lakes. We also have a coffee table style book on our Lake MI lighthouses.
Muskegon Lighthouse
Muskegon, MI Lighthouse

Famous Places

the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
The Soo Locks, Sault St. Marie
Soo Locks
Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Mt Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore
Boldt Castle in the Saint Lawrence River
Boldt Castle
the Pentagon
flying by Chicago
Chicago Skyline
Mt. Raneir
Mt. Ranier
Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI
Renaissance Center
the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

For pricing on custom aerial photography of YOUR property,
contact us by E-MAIL or by phone 231-798-2395 or 866-300-9691