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Photography Plus

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177MB - Photography Plus Airplane


The Chicago Area
(for pricing in other areas, please
contact us.)

  $350 includes:
        Pilot and plane equipped with special camera ports
        Photography using a digital Canon EOS 1DS-M3 with stabilized lenses that provides a razor
               sharp 21.1 megapixel file
        Processing in our own custom lab
        A minimum of 10 color 4" x 6" prints in a proof book or displayed as a PDF slide show for
               your review
        Images will include both close-up views and scenic area shots that include your property
               from each direction

Both oblique (scenic) and vertical (map-like) photos can be made for you.  There is an
additional $150 charge to include true verticals.

Additional sites within a 30 mile radius are only $150 each!  (Some areas close to O'Hare airport
        may be inaccessable to us.)

enlargements unframed framed  * Framing includes "virtual mattes" and high quality
30x40 $325 Call      gold or silver metal frames.  For more information
30x36 $300 $475      on our "virtual mattes, click HERE.
24x30 $275 $450    Glass is not needed, but can be added later if desired. 
20x30 $220 $360     Photos will not fade.   
20x24 $175 $305  
16x20 $95 $205    Copyright charges additional      
11x14 $55 $130       (Charge varies depending on usage.) 
8½x11 or 8x12 $40 $110   
8x10 $35 $100    Images on disc - variable by resolution needed
5x7 $18     
4x5 $10      Minimum order - $25 

Duplicate prints, ordered at the same time from the same image are available
at a substantial discount.  (The larger the quantity, the larger the discount.)

* * * SPECIAL OFFER * * *

For a limited time only:  20% discount
off the standard unframed price of one 16x20 or larger print
when combined with a custom aerial photography job.

Call 231-798-2395 or 866-300-9691
or send an

  Marge Beaver   . . . for the finest in aerial photography  


 All photos on these pages are copyrighted. 
Unlawful to reproduce in any form without our permission. Email or call
Marge Beaver, Photography Plus - 231-798-2395 or 866-300-9691 (toll free)
1571 Goody Rd., Muskegon, MI 49441

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